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John Barraclough     28 March 2008 16:50 |
Hi and thank you for sharing part of your dream.
What a wonderful life you are creating.
Best wishes to you and all your "critter pals."

John. (John B. on the Cafe forum)

Rod & Meagan     03 October 2007 16:48 |
Great job on the ranch. You both deserve that and more for all the work you've done.
God Bless you and your new home.

Roy Hinds     27 September 2007 16:48 |
Nice web site, who's the author?

Wayne     27 July 2007 16:44 |
Laurie, it was nice to meet you at Michael's place in Telluride. Your ranch looks very impressive--would love to visit some time. 'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free. You look to be darn close to both!

Vaya con Dios,

Wayne and Laurie

Steve     25 July 2007 16:42 |
I really love what you have done here....Allways wanted to do something Like that.

Carissa (wellsfargo)     12 July 2007 16:41 |
Hello my coworker told me about your site and I am amazed with what you two of done.. Everything looks beautiful.. I have lived in Az all of my life where this is dirt, cactus, more cactus and lots of heat:) I do love it, but I do love being around the nature.. Oh and I love the triplets they are sooo adorable.. R they still apart of the family or do you let them go??
Congrats on everything you have done and good luck with feature endeavors.

Linda (WIlls Fargo)     12 July 2007 16:41 |
You have a very nice place out there!!! I like your Triples!!! I had Quads one time (Kittens)...You place looks very peaceful & green, not like Az, desert & cactus...

Laurie     11 July 2007 16:40 |
I'm so proud to be a part of Gray Stone Ranch & so proud of my best friend & husband & I wanted everybody to know it, including him!!
Live your dreams & love your life !!
I love you sweetheart.
Love Me !!

Brian Aboud     09 July 2007 16:39 |
I can't wait to see it in person!

Tom McArdle     08 July 2007 16:38 |
Wow! Very inspiring. You are living what many folks dream about, myself included.

Jack Davenport     17 June 2007 16:36 |
Love your Ideas, this was my dream in the 60's some things got in the way, any way happy to be with Pamela and happy to be able to make knives and study engraving them.

Gail     26 May 2007 16:35 |
Good for you! Accomplishment is a great thing. How fortunate that you live in the hill country. Texas is God's gift to the US, but the hill country is God's gift to Texas!

Paige     26 March 2007 16:33 |
Hey Aunt Laurie and Uncle Skip, i was at school and decided to take a quick peek in... I have prom soon and I'll send you pics of my new fox-trotter her name is Jet and she is two.

Coincutter     20 March 2007 16:32 |
Such a wonderfl place to live. How lucky you are.
I gotta get down there someday and teach you some more tricks

Take care

Robin & Russell     06 January 2007 16:31 |
Laurie and Skip
What a wonderful dream to be living together and what a peaceful way to live the rest of your lives together, after your story of romance today ,Laurie I am glad to see there are people who do find happiness like this. Such a great place to be. We hope Russell and I will continue to build our dreams together as well!
with love Robin and Russell

Laura Hartley     30 December 2006 16:29 |
Laurie! Wow - this is amazing. What a fantastic place to raise the triplets! I am BLOWN AWAY! We built a lot of stuff ourselves at our ranch, too, but haven't yet gotten "off the grid!" (We do have a Jeep Liberty that burns Biodeisel, though! Smells like popcorn cooking!) You go, cowgirl! More later!

Randy & Melissa Brown     20 December 2006 16:27 |
Hey Guys!! Loved lookin' at all the pictures. What an incredible place you have---hopefully we'll be able to come see it soon!

Just wanted to stop in and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Take Care,
Randy & Melissa

Cousin Suzie     20 December 2006 16:27 |
Hi Laurie!
Your site is sooo cool! Hope to see you next summer at the family reunion (unless you come back before then!)!!
Take care!
: )

Rich & Dakota     02 November 2006 16:26 |
Hello there I would like to place an order for 50 cases of NORTHSTAR & NORTHSTAR LIGHT. Dakota says HI and everyone else. Richard Eastwood

Mom & Bob     07 July 2006 16:24 |
Hello to you down south.....How are things going....?????We are fine............just trying to get some things done around the place.........getting rid of treasures and gaining some back.......take you both.

Unclevit     01 June 2006 16:23 |
howdy cowgirl,
here is my address in thailand :
20 Lardprao 54/1,
Bangkok 10310

Jennifer     10 April 2006 16:22 |
Thanks for letting us "invade your territory" this weekend. Your place is looking fantastic!!
We will see you soon....
Jen and Len, Jenna and Trey

Rex & Kelly Foster     17 February 2006 16:21 |
We enjoyed the site. Excellent job all around. Can't wait to see the wedding pics! and meet Skip!

Cyndi Hall     13 February 2006 16:20 |
Nolan & I just had to check out the site to see Laurie's new home, new husband, and more importantly, new dog - Elvis. Congrats on your wonderful lifestyle. I wish more of us would realize we don't need all that "stuff" we once thought we did. We just need health, happiness, and apparently rotten little boys to make it all worthwhile. Love to you both. Tsali, Cyndi, & Nolan

Paige & Maria     26 December 2005 16:19 |
Uncle Skip and Aunt Laurie,
We were gonna see pictures of the wedding but there not there so we searched for ones of elvis hehe the hottest 3 legged dog we know!(u can tell him that) we want to come to texas after seeing more pics cant wait to see us on ur site! love you lots :) :)

Brian Gellatly     07 December 2005 16:14 |
Congrats on your wedding!! It was nice meeting you and Laurie on our visit to the Hill Country.
Sorry to hear you lost your lab but I hear a new dog wandered in to take his place at the dinner bowl.
Had any more horse bites?

Mom & Bob     01 December 2005 16:17 |
Just wanted to thank you for letting us share in the beginning of your new life together. I believe that you two are so right for each other....continue to be as you are...a team working together.We had a great time with you and will return.Gray Stone will grow and someday you will look back and say "Where did the time go????" Take care of each other and remember we love you

Donna     16 November 2005 16:16 |
Aloha Laurie...thanks for sharing. I love your new wide open spaces in Texas and hope to see it someday. By the way, I am on the big island of Hawaii...not Kauai...but you are welcome to come and visit anyway...I would love to meet your you think he would mind my teef???

Richard & Amy     06 August 2005 16:13 |
The Mullen-Brandvik Wedding at Gray Stone Ranch was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever been to. The Bride was very stunning and the Groom loves her very much.

Richard, Dakota, Kyarsten and myself were very honored to be able to be there in person. Welcome to the family, Skip!

All OUR Love!

Tim Larkin     02 August 2005 16:25 |
I enjoyed perusing your web page
Looks nicer than NW Texas !

Thanks for being such a friend to our Lynn

Grace is helping us all everyday

Terry Etling     27 April 2005 16:11 |
Loved the wildflower on the wedding invitation. See you at the wedding!

Love, Terry

Bethany Turturro     20 April 2005 16:10 |
I can't wait to come out and see you guys. The land looks beautiful!

Amy     15 February 2005 16:07 |
Love in the air and Gray Stone Ranch is having a wedding in May 2005! To an awesome sister-in-law and her husband to be! We are very happy for the two of you! We wished we lived closer to watch the two of you share your love! We are excited to have Skip as part of the family!

Maria Mullen     25 December 2004 16:06 |
I like the ranch. U need to get some pics of x-mas in Iowa. I think youre an awsome aunt!! ur boyfriend is pretty cool too!

Bubba & Janie Bain     12 March 2004 16:00 |
Love your website. We have enjoyed keeping up with all the improvements on the ranch and can't wait to see it in person. We really want to try the outdoor shower!!! Glad you are enjoying the EZ ALL products for your dogs and horses. It really is a time saver isn't it.

Sam Elliot     05 February 2004 12:36 |

I can't thank you enough for sharing your green chile cheese mashed potatoes recipe with Katherine. Everybody loved it at the Golden Boot awards in OKC.

Love ya,

Sam & Katherine

Paige Mullen     29 November 1999 18:00 |
Nice outhouse! Show us more pictures, is it decorated inside? Ur my fav aunt in the WHOLE WORLD put my pic on the website Get a psychatrist for ur dog Jake hes a good dog he just needs some help.

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