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Welcome to Gray Stone Ranch. Our dedication here is to simple living. We are totally off-grid and have been since the beginning. We could be considered extreme Do-It-Yourselfers as we have done 95% of everything with our own hands. Everything from clearing the land to building our home, barn fences and corrals has been done by my wife and me. Our goal at Gray Stone is to be totally self-sufficient and self-sustaining. Please enjoy the website and share in our adventures.

This website is a chronology of the process of building something out of nothing. It is not a “how to live simply guide” but we do hope to offer encouragement to others who may be considering a similar lifestyle.

We live simply because it gives us joy to do so. We live close to the earth and close to nature because we find it gratifying. We are not hippies, or social dropouts, or counter-culture beatniks. We just enjoy the freedom that comes with simplicity and self-sufficiency.

Building the ranch has been a slow process.  As is usually the case, the limiting factors have been time and money. Though the "do it yourself" process is slow, it is also very rewarding.

Special thanks to our friends and family members who have come to our rescue when our own two backs were not strong enough for the task.

I bought the ranch in October of 2001. By that I mean I bought the land. There were no buildings or improvements when I arrived here and the land was entirely overrun by dense cedar growth.

After six years of clearing land, building structures, fences, pens and corrals, we can finally feel comfortable calling this place a ranch.

Enjoy the site and drop in to see us if you ever have a chance to come to the Texas Hill Country.


Skip & Laurie


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(Since we have no TV, the guestbook is one of our few sources of entertainment...)


Skip and Laurie