The Gift of Adversity

It's a little after 6:00am and the black of night is just beginning to give way to the first hint of the coming new day.  The sky is barely becoming distinguishable from the trees around this little cabin.  A warm fire is crackling in the wood-stove and its flames have had me in a trance for several minutes.  Laurie is asleep.  The dogs are asleep.  I am alone with my thoughts.  

Life without Television

Sorry, I'll appologize ahead of time for this article being a bit of a rant. 


Laurie and I live without a lot of modern conveniences.  We don't consider television to be one of them.  To us, choosing to live without television just make sense.  We do so because we enjoy life and want to live every minute. 



Pride of Achievement

Like everyone I have had some proud moments in life.  Sports in high school, dating the hot girl, job promotions, etc.  Also like most people, I have experienced the pride of accomplishment that comes from finishing a do it yourself (DIY) project from time to time.  One of the first DIY projects I remember that woke me up to the pleasure of stepping out of my comfort zone and actually pulling off a success, was tiling a kitchen floor in a house I owned.  Since then I guess I have become a sort of a DIY junky.


Simplicity… The key to happiness.

I started living simply out of financial necessity.   I had to make a choice of selling my land here in Bandera County (in which I had very little equity) or selling my home in San Antonio.  I loved the ranch, but only lived in the San Antonio House. I sold my 4 bedroom house in the city.  I sold or gave away most of my material possessions and put what little remained into storage.  I moved out to the ranch and into a 4” by 6” tent.