Pride of Achievement

Like everyone I have had some proud moments in life.  Sports in high school, dating the hot girl, job promotions, etc.  Also like most people, I have experienced the pride of accomplishment that comes from finishing a do it yourself (DIY) project from time to time.  One of the first DIY projects I remember that woke me up to the pleasure of stepping out of my comfort zone and actually pulling off a success, was tiling a kitchen floor in a house I owned.  Since then I guess I have become a sort of a DIY junky.


After having walked on the new stylish tile floor that I laid myself, I tried my hand at furnature building.  I bought a  few tools and read a few books and before I knew it I was using my own furnature.  While my furnature was not award winning by any means, it didn't appear to be any less as anything one could buy from Ethan Allen.


Now when I look back at what we have done ourselves here at Gray Stone I can barely remember what it was like to call a plumber, electrician or any number of the other hundred on one types of professional tradesmen.  It has been a truly rewarding experience.  The rewards are tangible... A well-built, comfortable little cabin, a functional barn complete with guest quarters and a studio, a garden shed, a tractor shed, a green-house, a power-house, numberous horse pens and shelters and several outdoor living areas.  All total we now have 8 buildings.


Best of all is that we have done everything for cash.  We don't owe a thin nickel for anything except the raw land.  Building slowly at the pace of our finances has been a headache at times, but I can guarantee that the pride we feel and the appreciation for the home we have would be far less if we had chosen to use bank financing to hire contractors to build the quick and expensive way.


If more people believed that the journey which is more important than the destination,  I think the world would be much better place.