Life without Television

Sorry, I'll appologize ahead of time for this article being a bit of a rant. 


Laurie and I live without a lot of modern conveniences.  We don't consider television to be one of them.  To us, choosing to live without television just make sense.  We do so because we enjoy life and want to live every minute. 


We haven't owned a television in 7 years.  Why mention this? Because we hope that others will stop and realize that television is one of the most ridiculous ways a person can choose to waste their precious time.  But beyond that, television producers are by and large just a bunch of shameless pimps who will take every advantage of the weak voyeristic nature of humanity to promote the most vile, vulgar crap in the pursuit of a greenback.   


When I go to an airport or a doctor's office and I am forced to endure television while I am waiting to catch a flight or see the doc, I feel as if I am being subjected to a particularly cruel form of torture.   It is one of the worst aspects of human nature is that we find fascination in the macabre.  (Witness the Roman colesiums) If I had lived in Rome during the first centuries, I would have found the gladiators "games" a pathetic exploitation of this fact.  Television is no different except that the coliseum is now much larger.


While we abhor television, we do enjoy a good movie.  We own several dozen DVD movies and enjoy them in the evenings or on rainy weekends.  Watching a movie we have purchased allows us to enjoy the visual entertainment without putting our brains at the control of television producers and executives.


I think that television is almost exclusively responsibe for the disapperance of our cultural and geographical identities.  Television has eroded our collective sense of adventure and minimized the value of travel.  Why would a young person feel the need to travel to New York when more than half of the television they have grown up watching is deplicting a New York City as seen through the eyes of a Hollywood producer and director?  


Don't believe that television has all but eliminated the regional cultural uniqueness of your part of the world?  Then why is it that the fringe culture of one part of the world is almost exactly the same as a completely different part of the world?

Example: I am continuously amazed when I see the high percentage of people even in my little Podunk part of the world (South Texas) who have their faces pierced and their bodies tattooed in the most indiscrete places.  I wonder to myself, "How could this 17 year old kid think that a chrome stud in his or her chin or a multi-colored demon tattoo on his or her neck make them more popular, acceptable, attractive or more likely to succeed in life?'  I find this self-mutilation, repulsive and pathetic but more than that I just don't understand how anyone could justify to themselves any virtue in taking part of this bizarre social phenomena. 


I mean really what may pass for fringe cool in San Francisco can only be seen as wannabe moronic in Pipe Creek, Texas.  But then I remember the power of television. 


I travel from time to time and have to stay in a hotel.  When I stay in a hotel room, it may not have clean sheets or fresh towels, but it ALWAYS has a working television.  About a year ago. I was in Denver and turned on the television to see what I has been missing.  It had been a couple of years since I had actually watched television and I was amazed by the escalation of foul language.  Again, I listen to the radio almost everyday so I figured that since the FCC regulates both television and radio that the social decline of one medium would parallel decline of the other. WRONG!  


I don't care to see your festering, puss-filled pierced face, or your scabby devil and flame tattooed thigh...Thank you very much.  Not on television and not in person. And if I do have to see it, you can be sure that I will let you know how I feel. 


I wish the parents of these painted porcupines would have had the good sense to throw out their televisions before their kids became brainwashed into thinking that the most extreme defilement of their bodies was some kind of cool. 



I'm so glad I don't have young kids in this day and age. Life without television is blissful ignorance.  Life without television is GOOD!!   



If you feel the same way I do about the worthlessness of television, I highly recommend this product. 



I own one and use it often in public places such as restaurants and doctors' offices.  It is great fun and is also a service to humanity.