I built a small tool shed in 2003 on the side of the cabin in 2003.  I kept my propane refrigerator and of course all my tools inside.  The propane fridge was a constant source of aggravation. It smoked and clanked and froze-up regularly.  I think the humidity was partially to blame.  I could never get the thing working properly and eventually I tossed it.  I ended up having better luck with a good ice chest, but that wasn’t very practical either as ice can’t last long in three digit temperature no matter how good your ice chest is. 

I even experimented with dry ice, but the cost made it unpractical. In 2003 I tried to rig a small gravity fed water tower consisting of a couple of 55 gallon drums supported about 8 feet off the ground. I had purchased a tractor by then so I used the front end loader of the tractor to haul water from my nearest neighbors place one barrel at a time.  I had a shower at my office in San Antonio which I used during the week, but since I had not yet drilled a water well, the weekends were sweaty and uncomfortable.  The little 100 gallon water tower was a pain to fill, but the relief it afforded me was heavenly.


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