I was very pleased in 2003 when my daughter asked if she could hold her wedding ceremony here on the ranch, but I also knew that it would mean that I would have to provide some “accommodations” for the wedding guests.  At that point I had been comfortable to perform my “personal business”  with only the aid of a shovel and a roll of toilet paper.  I had no need of more accommodating facilities as I rarely had visitors and when I did, they were close friends who knew how I lived. In order to remedy the problem, I built a privy complete with a door and a store-bought toilet seat. The dimensions of the outhouse are 3ft by 3ft and 8ft tall.  I had some materials left over from the cabin construction so the project only cost a few dollars and with the exception of digging the hole to set it over, it was a fun little project.  The outhouse is comfortable and never smells too foul as we practice good ecology by “flushing” with a sprinkling of wood chips after every use. This helps balance the ph and aids in breaking down the waste into compost.

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