By 2004 it had become apparent that Laurie was the kind of woman who was tuff enough and smart enough to not only survive, but to flouish in this kind of lifestyle.  I used to joke that the reason I lived the way I lived was to prevent a woman from being temped to move in.

"Why don't you have a closet?" Someone would ask.

"Well, you know how women are. First they leave a pair of shoes, then they leave a change of clothes. Then before you know it, they have moved in and there's no room in the closet for your own clothes!", I would retort.

In reality, there was simply not enough room for a closet.  Besides, I had a closet at my office.  That's where I usually showered anyway, so it made little difference that I didn't keep many clothes at the ranch.

Well Laurie was not the typical woman.  My strategies for avoiding long term women were useless with her, because she was more tuff than any woman I had ever met, yet alone found attractive. By 2004 I had realized that Laurie was the woman for me and I decided that it made sense to build a bedroom.  Let's face it a 12ft by 12ft cabin is pretty small even for a single minimalist like myself. But its downright crowded for two people, no matter how well they get along.

Laurie and I built a 12ft by 16ft bedroom which she calls the 'Guns and Roses' room because it is decorated with several of my rifles on the wall and the bedding is covered with roses.

The bedroom doubled our indoorg livin space and was a lot of fun to build.  It was our first big project together and brought us a lot of pride and happiness.

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