Once the bedroom was framed and dried-in, we could finally start working on the inside.  This was exciting times.  Laurie had some great ideas for making the bedroom unique with a sort of refined rustic appeal.  We settled on wood thoughout.  The walls are suede painted, beadboard paneling. The ceiling finished in tongue and groove, pine strips.  The ceiling is accented with a big pine beam which I shaped by hand.  Laure did some horse trading and found us some mission-style funiture that is big, beautiful and functional.  The room looks great. 


My Dad made some miniature branding irons of each of the 7 cattle brands of my home.  Its kind of a historical chonology of my family.  Laurie put the branding irons to use to decorate the beroom.  She branded the trim around the perimeter of the bedroom and it looks perfect. 


We also have a collection of paintings done by the actor / artist Buck Taylor of characters from the movie 'Tombstone' which hang in the bedroom.  Buck Taylor and Laurie have been friends for years.  I have had the chance to spend some time with him too.  He's a very nice guy with a ton of talent both as a movie actor and as a painter.

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